No more Pencils, No more Books….

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It’s Over….all of my work is handed, all of my grades are posted (for anyone wondering all of my work was handed in on time :)) It’s over.  I am officially done with school the only thing left to do is graduate.  Four days from now I will be zipping up my robe and putting on my cap and getting ready to walk across that stage and get my diploma.  I have a lot of mixed feelings.  I am super excited that school is over, super nervous about graduation, and in sure disbelief that it has been four years already.  When I look back over the years I have a lot of crazy and unforgettable memories. 


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8 Days and Counting

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Eight days from now I will be officially done with my senior year of college.  I take my last final on Thursday May 12th.  I am so excited.  Almost all of my work is done.  I have a few things to fix up and revise but overall, I am done.  The last few days have been pretty stressful but things are getting better.  I can’t wait! To all of my fellow seniors, hang in there, it’s almost over.  To all of the students who will be heading home for summer vacation within the next week or so…

Remember for you it may just be another Summer Vacation but for Us Graduating Seniors it becomes Life….

So enjoy it while you still get Summer Vacation because for most of us once you graduate there is no such thing.

In With the Nice Weather…

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Out with getting work done…haha


I am having such a hard time concentrating on getting work done.  For awhile I really though that I was getting better with my procrastination problem but nope.  I have a lot to get done and not a lot of time to do it…Yikes! I am not really freaking out or stressing I feel like even though it is a lot if I could just find the energy to concentrate on getting it done, it wouldn’t be an issue.  The issue is actually sitting down and doing the work.  I mean seriously the only time I can find to post is at midnight? What is that? Well I want to hear from you…with the end of the semester do you think I am going to get everything done?

Feel free to answer the survey at my Twitter also

Easter Weekend

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With the long Easter weekend just beginning it seems like the perfect time to get some work done. However I am going to be like most typical college students especially seniors and procrastinate just a bit longer. For now I am going to enjoy some time away from school and spend quality time with my family.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the time to unwind and relax…

A month to Go

Posted in Excited, Stress on April 14, 2011 by Amanda B

With only a month left of school I am starting to realize that I am procrastinating more than I realized… I have so much work to do still and it didn’t hit me until yesterday.
The work I have left:
Rewrite my honors thesis
Write my paper from Greece that I almost forgot about
I am in the process of working on my final for Multimedia
I have to Tweet like nonstop next week
I have to do 4 mini projects for Marketing
I have a small research project for gender
And or course random little regular hw assignments

Maybe it didn’t hit me until I realized there was only a month left…I haven’t been stressing out but now that I realize time is running out I need to really get working.

I am sure most seniors feel the same way…but just think one month to go and we are done!

No Procrastination Lately

Posted in Excited, Graduation, Relax on April 6, 2011 by Amanda B

Now that the end of the semester draws closer, I have realized that I have not really been procrastinating.  All of my work is done at least one day before it is due.  I presented my thesis defense, and am so glad that it is over :).

I am going to fix up my thesis but that shouldn’t be a huge deal.  I have already started my Multimedia Final. I am planning out the 4 small projects I have to do for Marketing.  Gender- I have a group and a movie for my review so that should be done by Monday, Wednesday the latest. 

The only thing I have left to really start is my 10 page paper about Greece, my last bit of procrastination.  It shouldn’t be hard to write but I am going to need to get started soon.  Before I realize it, the end of the semester will be here and that needs to be done.

Honestly, it feels pretty good not to be freaking out about procrastination.  I am relatively relaxed.

Life is Right Around the Corner…

Posted in Excited, Freaking Out, Graduation on March 31, 2011 by Amanda B

With my senior year seriously starting to wind down (kinda scary) I have been thinking a lot about what to do after college.  It hit me that I have no real life experience.  I have gone from living at home with mom and dad to living in a relatively protected college apartment.  Campus safety is only a phone call away and my friends are just down the hall.  But what am I going to do after college? 

Mentally Preparing for the Real World is something that all college seniors should take seriously.  This article provides seven suggestions for a smooth transition from college into the working world.  It is actually quite good and made me realize that I may be more prepared than I give myself credit for.